About Us

MediFAB is a Romanian company dedicated to creating natural products that improve the quality of life.

"We search to understand the realities of life with the aim of getting always even more involved in supporting its processes"

MediFAB meets the actual need -- that people are increasingly aware of -- to move towards a healthy lifestyle. As the rhythm of daily life becomes more alert, its challenges are increasingly diversifiying and more demanding; the individual performance becomes a key factor in achieving professional and social success.

Health is a key for individual performance.
Human civilization has brought, along with the contemporary modern technologies, the planetary pollution. This pollution affects every individual through the liquids and foods we ingest and the air we breathe. Thus, during our entire lifetime, each of us accumulates toxins which permanently remain in our body.
It is in this respect MediFAB aims to launch balanced natural products, especially designed to detoxify the body’s main organs and to increase the entire body’s resistance.