The main biological active components are the colloidal silicium incorporated into the organic phytocomplex molecule, hexamethyil-disiloxane and the magnesium phytochemically complexed

The secondary biologically active components have pharmacodynamic action by reducing the ions concentration in urine, while rebalancing the pH and volume of urine and by compensating for deficiencies the level of silicon, magnesium and of citrates, already known as the main substances with properties which naturally inhibit the formation of the kidney stones.

The Pharmacodynamic biochemical and biophysical Mechanism of action of the product STANCOSIMAGNE3 RENOFIX consists in the synergic interaction of the bioelements silicium and magnesium to restore the acid-base balance at the kidney level in order to reduce to the end the renal calculi dimension and to accelerated elimination of microcalculi by natural way.

The Pharmacodynamic Action initiates instantly the diuretic process at the kidney level as critical organ, with intense concentrations of microcalculi, visible in each collected sample before returning to the flow and the normal appearance of the quantities of the released urine.

The Bioavailability and Compatibility of bioelements silicium and magnesium ensure the compensation of the deficits caused by depletion of these elements in urolithiasis diseases.

The Hydromineral Equilibrium Restoration in every vital organ is supported by the biokinetic of the oligoelements silicium and magnesium in the endocrine glands for initiating and accelerating of in vivo decorporation of heavy and/or radioactive elements from the body, through renal filters in the treatment with pharmacokinetic action for the detoxification in the heavy metals and/or radioactive intoxications (Hg, Pb, Ba, Cr, Cu, Sr, Tc, Cd, Sn, Ag, I, Cs, U and thereof isotopes).

The Mechanisms of Pharmacodynamic Action at the level of the haematic and lymphatic circulation are due to the content in flavonoids, as secondary active elements, which interact by chelating processes of the elements with toxic and/or radioactive properties and which they mobilize to achieve elimination, ensuring the renal tissues protection against to the toxic and/or irradiation effects.