The STANCOSIMAGNE3 product is originally the optimum as pharmaceutical herbal product, biologically active, which is in a traditional use, according to "The Special Terms applicable to the medicine from medicinal herbs with traditional use" from Health Law no.95/2006, Chapter III, Section 3, Art.714, Item(1), Letter a-c, e, and is integrant part of the results on Pharmacological Nonclinic (Preclinic) and Clinical Scientific Researches contained in the R&D "Horizon 2000" and "Relansin" Programmes entitled "Medicine STANOSIMAGNE FF 6-006".

The STANCOSIMAGNE3 RENOFIX as alimentary supplement contains a homogene mix of powders from 4 combined medicinal herbs belonging to the Romanian Flora. The extracts from the analyzed medicinal herbs composition contain mineral-organic phytochemically added concentrations, as main biologically active principles and secondary active principles consisting of soluble substances, flavones expressed in rutoside, ortho-dihydroxy-phenolic acids (ODP) expressed in caffeic acid, catechic tannin, carotenoids and volatile oils.

The main biologically active principles are the colloidal organic silicium and colloidal organic magnesium, with the essential role of helping the body eliminate the heavy metals which may form microcalculi and of maintaing the blood circulation fluidity at optimum flow level of liquid through the urinary tract and ensure diminishing the risk of appearing kidney stones and urinary infections [Stan C., 2001, 2002].